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Unplug and Tune in at Naptime

Along my journey of discovering the curious world of wee people I have found that being calm and centered myself helps the child I am with drift off to sleep faster and with less frustration. Each nap time I strive to connect with the child in my arms, even when I pretend to be asleep. I am not perfect and my mind drifts... a lot! I focus on relaxing and feeling the presence of the life I am embracing. This is a miracle! A new human in need of guidance to figure out how their body works. There is so much for them to learn in such a short amount of time.

Below are a few of the things I have gleaned over the years on my own journey of self-discovery.

Expectations Walking into nap time with expectations for your baby's nap process will inevitably cause anguish as things aren’t always a smooth ride. Have quiet internal intentions to BE with your child and help them learn to relax by relaxing yourself. Without expectations on how or when this nap time occurs. Learn to connect with your child and let the rest go.

Anxieties Breathe deep. Purposefully Breathe with long tranquil inhalations and exhalations. Try it now- 1...2...3...4...5. Again- 1...2...3...4...5. Feeling better? So, does your baby! As you relax your infant will regulate themselves to your physical state. One key is help your baby to sleep before they are too tired.

Your Phone Unless you're an on-call surgeon, ii's sincerely not needed during this time of connection and quiet. Instead focus on giving your child love and support to let him/her know that they are in a stable calm environment.

The Future This will happen with or without your thoughts on the matter. Yes, soon your child will be napping regularly, and easily, but for now they need your help to get there. For your child to move easily from consciousness to unconscious is a learning process and will take some time, sometimes just a day or two, sometimes longer.

The Past Leave this out of the room as well. Older siblings slept easily? Your friend's children amazing nappers? This thinking is not going to help you in this moment. Be present with your child. Raise up your connection meter level. This time builds trust and that goes a long way from here on forward.

Rest and heal during this postpartum period.


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