Benefits of Hiring a Doula

How Postpartum Doulas Support New Mothers and Their Families

     Breastfeeding can be surprisingly complex and many new mothers experience exhaustion from around-the-clock feeding in those early days.  Having a doula to support you through any challenges that arise early on (or to simply allow you to rest!) helps you gain a level of comfort and confidence with this new process. 

     Doulas create and maintain a judgement-free zone.  Connect and learn about your newborn peacefully at your own pace.

     New Mamas need nurturing too!  Allow yourself time to rest and heal during this postpartum period, while gaining the energy necessary to care for your baby.  Being nourished with healthy meals and drinks, time for a shower or bath, and the chance to get sufficient sleep creates a holistic healing experience that sets the tone for your motherhood journey.       

     Explore your parenting options and let your guard down with an unbiased perspective.  Doulas are a terrific resource for services, resources, and activities in your area for new parents and newborns.  Their wealth of knowledge can reduce your need to research and seek out support on your own.

     Doulas are trained in recognizing the signs of Postpartum Depression, too often labeled as "just the baby blues."  Your doula can advise you as to what emotions fall into the "normal" range for new mothers as a part of their emotional recovery versus what may require professional help.

     What’s especially convenient is that doulas come equipped with resources and relationships in case you need more specific help from a professional.

     Above all, your doula brings a peaceful, listening ear, a spirit of service, an ability to organize the hundreds of new details that have become part of your life, and all-around nurturing when you need it the most.


Postpartum Doula
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