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A postpartum doula comes to a mother’s home after she gives birth and brings experience and evidence-based practices to support her in a judgement-free way on the often daunting experience of new parenthood.  Navigating the experience of life with a newborn can often make everyday experiences feel overwhelming.  A postpartum doula is there to provide caring, helpful, and sensitive support that is respectful and in alignment with your personal choices.

Once a mother gives birth, our focus as a society often moves to her precious newborn while unknowingly neglecting to understand the level of continued nurturing and support mamas need during their postpartum time in order to heal emotionally and physically.  Having ample, nurturing postpartum support for mothers is the cornerstone of a healthy parenting journey and is widely recognized as a necessity in cultures throughout the world.

If family lives elsewhere and is not available, your local postpartum doula is there to fill in the gaps.  So let me introduce myself.  My name is Susan Clark and I am an experienced nanny, mother, grandmother and now a postpartum doula.  As a natural progression of my long-time nanny career, I started Doula Feet to support mothers in experiencing the magic of the mother/newborn relationship.  I've worked within numerous families as their long-term nanny since 1990 and carry this wealth of experience into my postpartum doula practice.  Except now my focus is on YOU, the new mother, and ensuring that you have all of the support you need to begin your motherhood journey on the right foot.

I'd love to be that calm, loving presence for you and your newborn, to not only teach you to care for your baby, but to also help you develop essential self-care practices to support yourself on this journey.  This is the time for you to rest as much as possible, experience peace of mind while healing, and grow naturally into this new connection with your newborn.


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